Sponsor the Team

So you're interested in becoming a partner / sponsor with us? Below is some information about what support we need the most and what you will get in return for supporting the team. Please use our contact form to get in touch with your enquiry.

Who are we and what do we do?

We race electric powered radio control models across the UK at club and national meetings. Most of our time is spent on car preparation and race practice where we also aim to help others at events with advice on car setup and driving. We also design a major proportion of our chassis components in CAD software and manufacture trial parts on our own CNC cutting equipment allowing us to have advantageous parts before our competitors. The ORE Racing Team is led by Lee Owen who started in 2014 through a passion of wanting to improve components for racing and has in more recent times become a team whose aim is to help others within the hobby with track advice and by promoting products to "the average racer".

What do we race?

Across our team we currently race GT12, LMP12, 1/10 Formula 1 and World GT-R . Please click on each class name to watch a sample race we have recorded.

Key areas for support:

Travel costs to race meetings and practice meetings

New tyres to race with

Advertisement - racewear, stickers, banners, video footage

Replacement of old equipment - motors, batteries, bodyshells, etc

Consumables - brake cleaner, tyre additive, tape, bearings, etc

Tool maintenance

Chassis design materials - Carbon fibre, 7075 aluminium

Equipment testing - motor dyno'ing and setup

Any other support is welcomed, whether you are a small club that wants light advertising or a large business that wants your product out there in the public we are more than happy to consider it.

Why should you support us?

Well known within our racing community, we will get your brand or product advertised nationally across the UK at club and national race meetings, with the aid of t-shirt advertisement, bodyshell paint liveries, race tech sheets, Facebook and Youtube. You will also be added to our "Our Partners" page with a brief description of how you help us out for the public to easily find your name with a link to your website for quick access.

Equipment we would currently appreciate support of:

Funding for travel to practice meetings (most important is our race practice)

Motors: 13.5turns and 21.5turns

Batteries: 1S and 2S "LCG" shorty packs

Servos: 1/12th and 1/10th low profile

Tyres: GT12 and LMP12