Not sure how to set your motor for blinky racing? We offer a tune and dyno service to set up your motor for blinky racing to better it's potential performance. Unlike motor analysers our dyno creates a variable load to simulate working conditions on the track to give improved test results across an rpm range.

How does it work?

1) Send us your motor (we will contact you on order confirmation with the address to send to)

2) Motor is tested as it arrives to later give a comparison of the changes made

3) Motor is stripped and cleaned to make sure it's in its best condition before testing

4) Bearings are re-oiled and rotor re-shimmed to make sure everything is as it should be upon re-assembly

5) Motor is run on our dynamometer, often starting at 30degrees on the can or below where the timing mark was set when it arrived to us

6) Can timing is increased, usually by 5 degrees, and run again. Results are compared and step 5 repeated until efficiency drops from excessive timing advance

7) Can timing is reset halfway between the 2 best 5degree runs and re-tested

8) Can timing is reset halfway between the 2 best runs (1.25 degree accuracy) and re-tested

9) Can timing set to the most efficient timing from results

10) Motor is labelled to identify tests carried out and results printed

11) Motor posted back ready for use with a data sheet and before and after graph printout


- It is advised to send us your motor via a recorded postal service, it will be returned via recorded post

- Though this service does not include any new parts, we are more than happy to fit parts that you supply e.g. bearings, rotor

- We can supply and fit ceramic bearings, if you would like this doing please select this option

- At present we only offer this service at 4.2V, we intend to offer 8.4V later on

- Our dyno is not a load-free motor analyser, it creates a variable load to the motor being tested to simulate real world track conditions. We are not interested in the no load characteristics as your motor will never be load free during race conditions (unless you crash!)

- We are looking for the most rpm for the least amount of drawn watts, due to how a motor works the more rpm achieved from a given wattage drawn, the more efficient it is and the more torque and power it makes. By drawing less watts less voltage drop occurs and less heat builds up inside the motor resulting in you going faster!

- We can factually determine whether a motor or adjustment is better or not. Often when someone buys a new motor it "feels faster" because their old motor is in a bad condition (old bearings, rotor magnetism has faded, etc) or because it's new mentally they think it will be better. Our process takes out all of that

- We are happy offer a discount for testing more than one motor or trying different tuning options e.g. different rotors, sensor boards. Please get in touch with your requirements

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Motor Tune and Dyno Service - For blinky racing

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