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GT12 (B2B-W17 [All team November 2016 onwards], B2B'18 [Under development]),
LMP12 (B2BP'18 [Under development]),
Formula 1 (Roche [Lee Owen July 2017 onwards], CRC [Lee Owen uptil July 2017], Exotek [Adie Parkes June 2017 onwards]),

GT12 Chassis's

B2B-W17 (Used by all our team)

Equipment Used:

Motor: Trinity Monster (Lee Owen and Adie Parkes)

ESC: LRP Flow Works (Lee Owen), Hobbywing V3 (Adie Parkes)

Battery: Silverback 7900 1S (With thanks to Zen Racing)

Servo: Savox 1257 (Lee Owen and Adie Parkes)

Wheels and Tyres: JFT S Foam (With thanks to Zen Racing)

Bodyshell: Zen Racing Phat Bodies GTM (With thanks to Zen Racing and Racecraft R/C)

Extra notes: Designed in house, released November 2016


Designed in house, under development

LMP12 Chassis's


Equipment Used:

Motor: Maclan MRR 6.5T (Lee Owen)

ESC: Hobbywing XR10 Pro-Stock 1S (Lee Owen)

Battery: Silverback 7900 (Lee Owen)

Servo: Savox 1257 (Lee Owen)

Wheels and Tyres: Contact

Extra notes: Designed in house, under development

F1 Chassis's

Roche Rapide 2016 (Lee Owen's chassis July 2017 onwards)

Equipment Used:

Motor (dry): Fenix DFV^2 (With thanks to Fenix Racing)

Motor (wet): Speedpassion V3

ESC: Hobbywing XR10 Justock

Battery: Intellect 3500 2S LCG Shorty

Servo: Savox 1251mg

Bodyshell: Bitty 6C (With thanks to Racecraft R/C)

Wings: Montech ETS

Extra notes: Custom brass front chassis weights (2x 40g weights), front anti roll bar setup in design

CRC WTF1 (Lee Owen's Spare Chassis)

Equipment used:

Same as Roche chassis

Extra notes: Custom ORE Racing 2mm carbon fibre chassis for extra flex and battery mounting positions

Exotek (Adie Parkes's chassis June 2017 onwards)

Equipment Used:






Extra notes: