About Us

ORE Racing (Owen Radio-Controlled Engineering) was formed in 2014 by Lee Owen as a hobby for engineering, designing. prototyping and manufacturing Radio Controlled parts, primarily cars.

Initially starting with cut to order fibreglass parts we had designed our first chassis for the GT12 class by mid 2014 which had torsion beam suspension and included features we are still using upto 2017!

We have since expanded onto manufacturing carbon fibre, polycarbonate, nylon and 7075 aerospace aluminium parts, in addition to offering trackside advice, CAD design, 3D printing and design and more recently at the start of 2017 have begun offering a motor tuning service.

We operate as a race team, not a full time shop so please be patient when contacting us as we are likely fulfilling existing orders.

As we are a race team we pride ourselves in enjoying our racing and aim to help other racers by sharing our knowledge.

At present classes we support are GT12, 1/12th scale and F1, all of which are fantastic pan car classes suitable for all ages and abilities.